From four people gathered in a Franklin county living room in 1976, the Maine Genealogical Society has grown to over 1,000 members dispersed in all 50 states, the Canadian provinces and other countries. Membership in MGS offers numerous benefits for genealogists researching in Maine, New England and eastern Canada.

What does your Membership Get You?

Your membership includes our quarterly journal The Maine Genealogist, our quarterly newsletter, option to post queries on our online query board, discounts on our special publications, conferences and workshops.

The Maine Genealogist

The Maine Genealogist is the Society's scholarly publication and is published on a quarterly basis. It focuses on problem solving articles relating to Maine families, genealogical methodology, publication of hard-to-find genealogical sources, and critical reviews of new genealogical books and electronic media. Material in The Maine Genealogist is indexed each year in the Genealogical Periodical Annual Index to aid future retrieval. Learn more.


Four times a year you will also receive the Newsletter with notices of the Society's activities, programs of the Society's chapters and state meetings, and news of the genealogical community.


Maine Genealogical Society has a very active Special Publications project, and members receive discounts on the majority of these books.  In addition, membership also entitles you to a discounted registration fee for our Spring Workshops and Fall Conferences. 

Query Postings

Membership enables you to post queries on our online query board, as well as having them appear in our quarterly newsletter as time and space allows. If you're a member and want a query posted on our Blog or Website, visit the Contact Us Page on our site (remember to include your MGS Member # if you have it)

Research Assistance

Although Maine Genealogical Society does not directly do research, our Research/Inquiries Secretary works hard to help connect members that are looking for specific assistance to others in the Society you might be able to help.  You can contact our Research/Inquiries Secretary through our Contact Us Page on our site.


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MGS Membership



Your membership includes our quarterly journal, The Maine Genealogist, our quarterly newsletter, option to post queries on our online query board, and members only pricing on our special publications, conferences and workshops.  Membership in the Society includes standard mailing for Society publications.

Additional mailing options are available below. Please select which mailing option you require when purchasing your membership.




Dues Information

Membership in the Society is currently available for $25.00 in U.S. funds for individuals, households, and organizations. This includes standard mailing for Society publications.

For first class postage, please add $5.00. Canadian residents, please add $9.00 U.S.

Residents outside the U.S. and Canada, please add $14.00. First class postage is used for mailing all publications outside the U.S.

Membership Application

Now there are 2 ways you can become a member.

Use Our Secure Online Payment System

You can join or renew your existing membership online, using our PayPal payment system. Don't worry you don't have to have a PayPal account. All you need is a valid major credit card.

Purchase your membership through our secure online ordering system by clicking here.

Print Out The Form, Complete And Mail With Payment

Please print the application, then complete and mail, with dues, to our membership secretary (address is on the application).

Click here for a membership application.

Membership Matters

Don't get lost! It's easy to change your mailing address.

Deborah Nowers is our Membership Secretary.  She can update your information, and can answer any questions about your membership.  Touch base with her if you can't recall if your dues were paid, not receiving your publications, etc.

She does say it is helpful if you include your MGS membership number, if possible.