The Maine Genealogist

The Maine Genealogist is published in February, May, August, and November.

Submission Guidelines

The editor will consider previously unpublished articles or source material pertaining to Maine families and genealogy. The material cannot be under consideration for publication elsewhere and must observe all copyright laws. Especially sought are well-documented family studies or instructional articles, both of which should emphasize problem-solving and research techniques. The editor reserves the right to edit any article submitted. Responsibility for the accuracy of printed information is with the submitter. Articles should not be reprinted without prior written permission from the author and the editor.

Articles for consideration in The Maine Genealogist should be sent to the editor: Joseph C. Anderson

Book Reviews: Books for review should include price, postage & handling costs, and the address for ordering. Send books for review to Joseph C. Anderson II, 5337 Del Roy Drive, Dallas TX 75229-3016. All books submitted become the property of MGS.

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